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The Progresive Aspect says…

Jez Rowden – December 2019 (follow the link for the full list of albums)

Anchors Away/ On The Dry Land

February 2017 at Sutton House – Anchors Away/On The Dry Land and King Charles. Where are the rest of the clips of this show?

(Filmed by Ashley Jones. Sound by James Larcombe)

Fundraising campaign for Tim Smith…

Dear friends,

We would like to let you know about a fundraising campaign to help Tim Smith, of Cardiacs, with specialist healthcare costs. Nearly 10 years ago he suffered a cardiac arrest that left him unable to move or speak and a condition called dystonia, but his mind is as sharp as ever. Funding shortfalls and bureaucracy have seen his rehabilitation grind to a halt….

Even the smallest donation will help and please do share news of this campaign if you can.

As you may know William D Drake was a member of Cardiacs and in Sea Nymphs with Tim Smith. Tim also produced the ‘William D Drake’ album.

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