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Anchors Away/ On The Dry Land

February 2017 at Sutton House – Anchors Away/On The Dry Land and King Charles. Where are the rest of the clips of this show?

(Filmed by Ashley Jones. Sound by James Larcombe)

‘Black Blooded Clam’ filmed at Sutton House…

‘The Black Blooded Clam’ performed at Sutton House(London) in February, by Mr William D Drake, Miss Nicola Baigent and Mr James Larcombe.

(Filmed by Ashley Jones, Sound recorded by James Larcommbe).

‘Be Here Steryear’ – music film release

To mark the release of William D Drake’s magnificent new album  Revere Reach a new music film, of one of the most beautiful tracks  from the album, Be Here Steryear’  is available to view on Vimeo  from today. The film is made by Andy Joule Films who previously produced a music film for ‘Me Fish Bring’ from the Rising of the Lights album.


‘Be Here Steryear’ by William D Drake from his 2015 album ‘Revere Reach’.

Words & Music – William D Drake.

William D. Drake – Voice box, piano & sheltone. Andrea Parker – Voice box and glockenspiel. James Larcombe – Dulcitone and voice box. Richard Larcombe – Guitars and voice box. Nicola Baigent – Clarinet & flute. Jon Bastable – Bass

Recorded and engineered by Ben Davies
Mixed by Gaz Williams and Chris Powell
Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye Mastering

Filmed on location in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu & Alba Iulia, Romania and London.

‘Distant Buzzing’ The Official Video

William D.Drake proudly presents ‘Distant Buzzing’ – the official video, directed and produced by Ashley Jones of  The Chaos Engineers. Released today.

videograbbwebDistant Buzzing’ is the opening track on ‘Revere Reach’, the new William D.Drake album, a hearty, joyous tune with lyrics penned by Mr Drake’s great friend Mr James Kelsey-Fry. The video is a merry romp with William D.Drake and his band of affectionate friends – fleeting moments invoke memories of Mr Drake’s days in Cardiacs long ago…..


Enjoy and share!

“Revere Reach” available from 15th June 2015 on Onomatopoeia Records.

‘Distant Buzzing’ Video Credits:

William D. Drake: Voice box and keyboards
Andrea Parker: Voice box
James Larcombe: Keyboards and voice box
Richard Larcombe: Guitars and voice box
Nicola Baigent: Saxophones and flute
Jon Bastable: Bass
Stephen Gilchrist: Drums

Chris Powell: Percussion
The Consultant: Encouragement

Jamie Kelsey-Fry: The Lyric Wrangler
Anita: Donkey
Sarah: Mr Drake’s glamorous assistant
Dandy: Herself

Music by William D. Drake
Lyrics by Jamie Kelsey-Fry

Music recorded and engineered by Ben Davies
Drums recorded by Stephen Gilchrist
Mixed by Gaz Williams and Chris Powell
Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye Mastering

Video by Ashley Jones of The Chaos Engineers, ably assisted by Jon Brain.

Filmed at Brixton Hill Studios.

Me Fish Bring video

Andy Joule produced and directed this video earlier in the year to promote Rising Of The Lights and to celebrate the song with a montage of landscape, animation and treated imagery of the band.

Many thanks to him, we love it, hope you do too!

The Moth Surrenders to the Flame

William D Drake performs his composition “The Moth Surrenders to the Flame” in the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris during rehearsals for Pop’pea. June 2012.