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William D. Drake (ex-Cardiacs man) writes music that is beautiful and fantastical, with rock undertones it journeys through the surreal and psychedelic. A breathtaking feast of gorgeous instrumentation, masterful piano, ancient grinding hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, phillicorder, mellotron, clarinet…electric guitar, bass, drums…topped with growly vocals and angelic singing.

Currently promoting his 4th album ‘The Rising of the Lights” released 16th May 2011, William D.Drake has had some great reviews and plenty of Radio 6 airplay (Marc Riley, Gideon Coe, Cerys Matthews). He recorded a fabulous live session for Marc Riley Radio 6, 11 July 2011 (repeated 23.12.11) plus airplay and sessions on Resonance FM and Circle Radio.

He provided the opening track on the Tim Smith (Cardiacs) tribute benefit album ‘Leader of the Starry Skies’ which also had contributions from Magic Numbers, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Andy Partridge (XTC), Oceansize, Julianne Regan.

William D. Drake performs live with a full band or solo piano.

Listen to the current live favourite ‘Me Fish Bring’

Marc Riley’s fave


Radio 6 interview and session

 Albums: William D .Drake (2003), Briny Hooves (2007), Yew’s Paw (2007), The Rising of the Lights (2011)




Cathi Unsworth (The Rising of the Lights –album review)
Cardiacs and their musical progeny, have always been a clandestine sect, flowing beneath the surface of popular culture for three decades like rivers under pavements’.

The Sun 20/05/11 (The Rising of the Lights –album review)
‘His fourth solo outing is as eccentric as ever, plenty of fine knob-twiddling and ivory tickling, augmented with hurdy-gurdy, harmoniums, mellotron, phillicorders and minimoogs …… it’s very English – whimsical yes, but also complex, understated and tasteful.’

Marc Riley. Radio 6 Session & interview 11 July 2011.
“Oh, absolutely nothing short of fabulous, as I knew it would be; William D Drake live in session……Impossible to listen to without a big smile on my face. When I heard the album I was just completely blown away by it because it just doesn’t sound like anything else……pretty damn individual and wonderful….I can do nothing other than just applaud you, quite literally, that was just amazing, absolutely joyous I would call it. I can guarantee, that will be in the Best Sessions of the Year Programme come Christmas. Nothing short of marvellous.”

Q Magazine – Tom Doyle (Briny Hooves –album review)
‘(Drake’s) frenetic piano-playing inspired Blur, and here the ex-Cardiacs keyboardist turns his own refracted take on British art-pop: one part Robyn Hitchcock, one part deeper voiced Robert Wyatt”.

The Guardian – John Walters (Briny Hooves – album review)
‘William D Drake is more Afghan Coat than legwarmer… Briny Hooves is cheerfully eclectic, with a nod to “big pop” – The High Llamas, the Associates, late Beatles – and a raw edge to the vocals.’

Classic Prog – Sid Smith (The Rising of the Lights – album review
‘Wacky as hell but consistently brilliant with it, ex-Cardiacs member Drake’s fourth solo album is another dazzling, kaleidoscopic collection of songs in the key of E for eccentric.’

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