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‘Distant Buzzing’ The Official Video

William D.Drake proudly presents ‘Distant Buzzing’ – the official video, directed and produced by Ashley Jones of  The Chaos Engineers. Released today.

videograbbwebDistant Buzzing’ is the opening track on ‘Revere Reach’, the new William D.Drake album, a hearty, joyous tune with lyrics penned by Mr Drake’s great friend Mr James Kelsey-Fry. The video is a merry romp with William D.Drake and his band of affectionate friends – fleeting moments invoke memories of Mr Drake’s days in Cardiacs long ago…..


Enjoy and share!

“Revere Reach” available from 15th June 2015 on Onomatopoeia Records.

‘Distant Buzzing’ Video Credits:

William D. Drake: Voice box and keyboards
Andrea Parker: Voice box
James Larcombe: Keyboards and voice box
Richard Larcombe: Guitars and voice box
Nicola Baigent: Saxophones and flute
Jon Bastable: Bass
Stephen Gilchrist: Drums

Chris Powell: Percussion
The Consultant: Encouragement

Jamie Kelsey-Fry: The Lyric Wrangler
Anita: Donkey
Sarah: Mr Drake’s glamorous assistant
Dandy: Herself

Music by William D. Drake
Lyrics by Jamie Kelsey-Fry

Music recorded and engineered by Ben Davies
Drums recorded by Stephen Gilchrist
Mixed by Gaz Williams and Chris Powell
Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye Mastering

Video by Ashley Jones of The Chaos Engineers, ably assisted by Jon Brain.

Filmed at Brixton Hill Studios.

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