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‘William D.Drake Pawformance’ – Friday 22nd May 2015. London. Schott Music Shop.

yewspawlpcoverGrabwebYou are most warmly invited to an evening performance of ‘Yew’s Paw’ in the intimate surroundings of Schott Music Shop in Central London.

Glass of wine and nibbles will be provided with Mr Drake’s compliments.

Be sure to arrive early to enjoy Mr James Larcombe performing on his marvellous melodeon.

Yew’s Paw is an album of piano pieces written and performed by Mr Drake at his pianoforte, and released in February 2007.

Listen to tracks and buy the album here.


Friday 22nd May 2015.  7.30-9.30pm

Tickets £10 – Buy in person from Schott Music Shop or by telephone 020 7534 0710.

Schott Music Shop (Recital Room), 48 Great Marlborough Street, London. W1F 7BB



Subba-Cultcha. February 2007 – Jonathan Sebire

‘Yew’s Paw’ consists of thirteen solo piano pieces, a macabre soundtrack that draws forth a huge swell of foreboding and tempered power across its duration. Drawing on childhood obsessions with Disney, Spike Milligan and such leviathans as Debussy and Rachmaninov, Drake doesn’t so much as cajole you into his world as lash you to a chair before saturating you in bombardment of chopping time signatures and discordant key changes that stretch simultaneously across a myriad of emotions….. Drake has poured the dark contents of his conscious down through his fingers and into the very grain of his piano. . February 2007 – Domino Jones

 …..Some yew trees in Britain are thought to be over four thousand years old and are seen by some as symbols of transformation and rebirth due to their ability to grow new trunks within the old. This fits with Drake’s musical vision, which belongs to no particular place in time. ‘Yew’s Paw’, the first track, veers from classical flourishes to keystone cops to Gershwinesque flights of brilliance…..

2 responses

  1. Ruth Herman

    Hey Bill!

    Just checking, do we need to get the tickets from Schott’s? I know they will go quickly so just checking in case you already reserved some… Thanks!

    Love, Ruth xxx

    Sent from my iPad


    April 26, 2015 at 19:35

  2. Reblogged this on Misfit City and commented:
    If you’re free and easy in London tonight – and fancy an evening of intriguing piano music – try this. In spite of some of the more ominous language used in the Subba-Cultcha review, Bill’s music is as full of light, flight and green-leafed freshness as it is of strange chords and left-field turns. Fans of post-modernist dissonance, polystylism and mongrel English romanticism will all be well satisfied. As a bonus, you get extra listening pleasure via James Larcombe (of Stars In Battledress) fingering one of his collection of tuneful antiques.

    May 22, 2015 at 11:37

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