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You’ll have to pardon us for a few days while we get to grips familiarising ourselves with new laptop woes before we get to fondly losing ourselves in the eclectic sound worlds of William D.Drake whose new full length ‘Revere Reach’ for Onomatopoeia has been causing many a flutter and a skipping of the occasional heart beat around these here parts since looming large into our ear space. Possessed of a rich luxuriant tapestry, Drake’s artistry is one of a musical author born some 200 years too late, the former Cardiacs man carves a curiously oddball aural academy whose mischief and melodic magicalia strides triumphantly and purposefully through the vivid green musical gardens of Viv Stanshall and Robert Wyatt, whilst delicately obscuring his foot prints in swash buckling reveries, see sawing shanties and pastoral posies. It is, I admit, a most becoming experience. For now though the album’s greeting call ‘Distant Buzzing’ has been raising a curious eyebrow and pricking the ear as a strangely bizarre courtship sprays your listening experience to the sound of musical freak circus’ arriving in town trading yarns of gusto and daring do to a bracing backdrop of storm lashed brass braced peculiar folk recitals.

The Sunday Experience April 16th 2015 –

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