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The Rising of the Lights

William D. Drake and Onomatopoeia Records proudly announce the release of their new long-playing record, The Rising Of The Lights.

The album’s title is taken from a mysterious cause of death which plagued London during the 18th and 19th centuries. Drake discovered the malady in a Victorian medical journal somewhere among Venice’s labyrinth of canals while on an Italian tour. “I liked the sound of the words: it stuck with me”. This said, The Rising of the Lights is a work at the very peak of health. Whether it be the ancient grind of James Larcombe’s hurdy gurdy, rediscovered gems from The Sea Nymphs project, or the curious fixation on disease, a spice of old time pervades the new compositions. But this record could not come from a different artist, nor be created at a different time. To quote ‘Ornamental Hermit’, titled from the long-forgotten eccentric English practice of wealthy families keeping an elderly, grey-bearded hermit within their grounds, The Rising of the Lights is ‘overflowing with joy and with pain’.

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  1. Hello Bill, thanks for a lovely show last night, there was a very special atmosphere and we’ll be eagerly waiting for more shows in the future! Are playing in Italy again? I’m enjoying the LP on vinyl right now, thanks for the care you put into the packaging too! I must admit I was fonder of some of the different versions of your songs from previous incarnations/live shows/sessions but I guess it’s just getting used to the arrangements/mixing and discovering the lyrics is adding extra dimension to the experience. Strangely all the musical references that had come into my head on first listening are evaporating… I suppose that is a good thing. Thank you so much for making great music and bravo to all the crafty musicians too!

    July 16, 2011 at 13:31

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