Indie Britannia Undergrowth

Alias Magazine says

Does anyone remember the Cardiacs? They were an interestingly non-conformist English band that often broke the mould and that enjoyed considerable success, especially around the mid-eighties. Post-punk, unconventional touches of prog, beatlesque pop and folk were blended together in their sound and in addition to their frontman Tim Smith, one of the architects of that sound was William D. Drake, a distant cousin of the better-known Nick. Here we have his fourth solo album that recalls the style of the band but that also shows an absolutely fresh and undiminished compositional talent. Given what we have heard in recent years and the revival of a certain sound, Cardiacs have proven to be the true precursors and Drake with The Rising of the Lights shows that he has every reason to still be around. Excellent.

Translation by Roel Daamen

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