Indie Britannia Undergrowth

Rockarilla Magazine says

Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 17:40:36 +010
Good old Google Translate:

The prototype of the cult musician, William D. Drake: pianist, composer and singer rose to prominence in the early ’80s with the Cardiacs, in the last quarter century has also spawned several other projects were mostly confined to the indie Brittania undergrowth before launching a solo career which that “the Rising of the Lights” is the fourth chapter extended. The most ambitious, the most pompous, or vice versa, if you are not among those who have followed with great interest the events of prog rock in their local time to full bloom. An appendix to the no less complex and epic adventure stories of the various Gentle Giant, Renaissance, Curved Air and Rick Wakeman.

Good old Google Translate:

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